ski construction


Every ski begins with the core, it is more than just a filler, it is the backbone of every ski.  We only utilize the highest grade, hand selected lumber that is locally harvested and milled.  We have two core options available depending on the intended use of the ski.


Standard Core

Our standard cores are constructed using a combination of spruce, poplar and maple.  These cores are slightly heavier than our lightweight cores, but what little is added in weight will increase the skis performance in firmer conditions.  If you are looking for ski to use primarily in a resort setting, this is the core you should select. 


Lightweight Core

We consider these cores to be the highest performing and lightest weight cores currently offered on the market.  We utilize Engelmann Spruce lumber for the majority of the cores construction to decrease the weight.  We have found that this wood is a fantastic choice for its weight to strength ratio.  Not only is it light as a feather, but is strong and behaves like a much heavier wood.  We incorporate maple stringers along the full length of each sidewalls to provide strength and power transmission to the ski's edges.  All lightweight cores come standard with maple binding plates for screw retention. 


Aerospace grade carbon fiber comes standard in all our skis we build.  Not only is it three times stronger than fiberglass per weight, but it is in our opinion a superior composite in all aspects.  It is much more reactive and doesn't fatigue upon use.  We utilize a triaxial material that not only provides strength along the length, but also increases the torsional stiffness of each ski.  Depending on skier preference, we can customize the flex of each through the use of extra carbon fiber.  If weight is a priority for you than carbon fiber should be your only choice.

We also have fiberglass options available for resort specific skis. 


Durability is at the forefront of every ski we build.  Not only are our skis light, but they are tough.   Backcountry environments tend to be hard on skis.  Our skis are not indestructible, but you will be hard pressed to find a different ski that will survive the abuse a Coop ski will.  1.4 mm thick bases come standard as do 2.1 mm thick edges. All bases are sintered, 4001 grade Durasurf PTEX.  This material has not only proven to be fast on snow, but also durable.  Our standard option is a black base with a tip accent color.  Printed bases options are available for additional money. 


All our skis come standard with UHMW ptex sidewalls.  This material is the industry standard used in all high-performance skis.  Not only is it the most durable material available, it is 100% maintenance free and provides strong power transmission to the edges.  


We have two materials available for topsheets.  Skiers putting a higher priority on weight savings will appreciate our wood veneer topsheets and those seeking a more traditional look should look at our sublimated nylon topsheets.  All of our skis come standard with a snow repelling finish to aid in weight savings while skinning uphill. 

Wood Veneer

The beautiful look and feel of our wood veneer topsheets have to be seen to be believed.  We have developed a method of digitally printing graphics by our top-notch artists onto the wood veneer.  The possibilities are endless when it comes to wood choice so every pair is unique.  The veneer is impregnated with a UV resistant epoxy during the layup and becomes part of the ski's matrix.  Not only are veneer topped skis beautiful, but the weight savings is notable.  The epoxy impregnated veneer is also very durable and improves the ski's overall strength. 


We also can use nylon topsheets on all of our ski models.  The nylon we used is industry standard and provides a look and feel similar to most skis found in stores.  Nylon is a durable, proven material and is completely maintenance free.

All of our models have standard graphics, but we can use any graphic you would like.  Custom graphics are an add-on item.  If you would like to use a custom graphic, please contact us for more information.