Coop Ski Works was born with the idea of building a better product at a lighter weight.  With a varied set of backgrounds and skills, we all contribute to building the best skis on a custom level, tailored to each individual skier. 

What started out as a far fetched idea to build skis for personal use quickly turned into something much more.  When we started in this journey we knew there was a market for lightweight, durable skis that would have the chops to handle adverse conditions and resort use.  We build skis on a one-off custom basis, dialing each ski to the intended skier.  We utilize space age materials and put durability at the forefront of every ski.  We are a group of working engineers, a land surveyor and a lead plane pilot.  We are skiers first and foremost.  This has allowed us to design skis that suite a given need.  Whether it's a mid winter deep snow charger or a ski designed for long approaches and fast travel.  We build skis for skiers looking for something more.  Our shapes and designs are not engineered for the masses, but rather for each individual buying our skis.  Let us tailor a pair for you.


We have grown out of the original chicken coop we started building in 2014 and now operate in our custom shop only minutes from the our local hill.  


Jamie Tackman
Mike Rolfs
David Elwood

Chief of Operations.  Uphilling extraordinaire and skis harder than those half his age. 


Chief of Research and Development.  The sultan of stoke and the man with the brains in the bunch. 


Chief Materials Engineer.  Michigan transplant with a passion for  cats and spending time in the skin track.